Jenna Game

Jenna GameAfter graduating from Brock University (Bachelor of Arts in Sociology) and Niagara University (Master of Science in Criminal Justice), Jenna began her career in Social Services in 2005. Around the same time, she was first introduced to yoga. She took several classes over the years and often practiced yoga on her own however, it wasn't until 2011 that Jenna fully embraced the practice as a regular part of her life. Jenna quickly recognized the physical benefits of regular yoga practice which include, but are not limited to: improved flexibility in the muscles and joints, strengthened and toned muscles, improved balance, increased levels of concentration and improved breath control. Jenna left each class she attended feeling empowered and transformed. In 2012, Jenna decided to combine her love of yoga with her passion for teaching and helping others by embarking on a second career as a Hatha yoga teacher. Jenna became a Certified Yoga Teacher (200 hours) in 2013 through Kindred Spirit Yoga, under the guidance of her teachers Sarbjeet Kalia (Director and Founder of Indian Yoga & Meditation Centre Inc.) and Rose McIntosh (Founder of Kindred Spirit Yoga). Jenna quickly learned that the transformative powers of yoga went far beyond the physical benefits she had recognized early on. Not only did she feel healthier and stronger, she also felt more relaxed, more balanced and more in tune with her own self. The training Jenna has received has expanded and deepened her practice, as well as transformed her mind, body and spirit. Jenna has been teaching classes throughout the Niagara Region since May 2013 and is now expanding her teaching to Brantford, ON. Jenna looks forward to sharing the benefits and transformative experience of yoga with her students and she strives to make classes enjoyable and fun by creating new and unique sequences with emphasis on breath control, alignment and yogic philosophy.

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