Colleen Vandeven

ColleenI found fitness and wonderment in my life while attending nia classes for many years. The special studio here is like home. Saturday morning classes with Darlene have been tremendous. The sense of fun in body awareness, and respect for all energies, has filled my life all the more since becoming a white belt (certified to teach) in nia.

Today, as I honour the dance of life that is unique to each person, I am evolving as a teacher and offering weekday classes during March. These ''Natural time nia classes by Colleen'' are nia classes for FREE!

You will feel all toned and get to experience this dance of life-embracing nia technique.

I am looking forward to providing a great class with great music for you. Could this be an opportune time for you to give nia a try? (mmm...What I also love is that you are helping me on my path to teaching this fusion fitness exercise practice.)

Pick a date(s) and find out why so many love how each nia routine, takes them through dance arts,martial arts,and healing arts with dynamic ease. Indeed, from warm-up to cool-down enjoy the fabulous music and pleasurable aerobic energy.

You will see that in your body's own way, and as I guide, your own natural time creates a moment where you meet your own body's best way to delve into the routine ~JOY~.