Meditation Teacher Training

This program offers you practical techniques to explore meditation and the lifestyle factors, such as balanced emotions and staying relaxed, that support a steady meditation practice. For those interested in certification, you may graduate from the full year as a Certified Meditation Teacher.

The full year is offered in trimesters. People may join at the beginning of each trimester. Drop-ins are on option for folks only interested in certain aspects of meditation.

"I am able to think about my words more carefully before speaking. This is due to learning about silence: how to live with silence plus avoiding negative thoughts, ideas, and words." ~J.L.

Each Trimester of the Meditation Program Offers:

  • Seminars: 90 minutes, Tuesdays 5.30-7pm

Teaching meditation philosophy, history, and practice; small and large group discussions; personal reflection; yoga and meditation techniques to strengthen meditation practice

15 minutes meditation practice

  • Meditation Workshops

2 hours on a weekend through the course of the program

  • Weekly Online Video Lesson with Dr. Bob Butera, author Meditation for Your Life
  • Weekly Inspirational Summary E-mail

To summarize the Tuesday seminar and serve as a handbook upon completion of the course

  • Clear Recommendations for Home Practice

This highlights benefits of your practice and helps you work through challenges with peer support and professional mentorship

  • Personalized Mentorship

You have Alix Loewenguth, Certified Meditation Teacher, as a support. Individual meetings offer you personalized guidance through the process of establishing yourself in meditative practice and peace of mind.

This Meditation Program offers practical tools, simple philosophy, and individualized support and mentorship to persevere through the challenges:

  • Facing the issues that lie beneath feeling that you are a “busy person”
  • Learning to embrace discipline and routine as a blessing
  • Learning to forgive memories of the past
  • Develop a healthy relationship to your future goals
  • Coping with and understanding your daily emotions
  • Noticing what desires drive your life
  • Understanding your sensory impressions and the mental disruptions they create
  • Facing personal life issues for yourself and/or loved ones

Meditation is a lifelong art. Cultivating patience helps ease the tendency of wanting instant gratification. Community support nurtures your inspiration - the majority of successful meditators find group support essential, even when they are established in their own personal practice.

"This program has benefitted me in being a more complete person to myself, to my family, and to [my partner], in the way of not judging who I am or judging others, and learning to forgive others..." ~J.L.


Fall Trimester: Psychology of Meditation

Free Intro-workshop - Tuesday, September 13

13-week Session - Tuesdays 5.30-7pm
September 20 to December 13, 2016

Understand the role of perception and lifestyle in supporting meditation practice. Learn ancient sense-mastery techniques to clear your mind. Explore the relationship between your beliefs or mental processes and your experience of inner peace.

"I've found that meditation helps me notice, understand, and move the energies of old traumas. From taking the program, I now have greater joy, humour,and clarity in everyday life." ~P.A.


  • DIY Practice: You Can Do It, Too!
  • Personal Meaning & Affirmation
  • Yoga Poses for Meditation
  • Beyond Positive & Negative Thinking
  • Food for the Mind
  • Understanding Perception
  • How to Slow Down
  • The Eye of Stillness
  • The Safety of the Womb
  • Comfort with Silence
  • Mindfulness in Everyday Life
  • Personal Beliefs, Awareness & Self-Sabotage
  • Meditative Mind & Meditation for Your Type Visualization


Winter Trimester: Meditation for Your Type

Free Intro workshop - January

13-week Session - Tuesdays 5.30-7pm January – April 2017

Explore the six types of meditation, as well as practices and techniques to remain focussed and calm in everyday life. Through practical experience, realize which type aligns with your inner world. Meditation is a challenging practice, why not discover your personal path of least resistance?


  • Maintaining a healthy nervous system
  • Proper breathing to calm the mind
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Coping strategies
  • Clearing sense organs
  • Breath/energy meditation
  • Mantra meditation
  • Prayer and contemplation
  • Mindfulness practice
  • Conceptual meditation
  • Visualization

"With meditation I feel much more a part of this world and I enjoy life so much more!" ~Melissa M.


Summer Trimester: Meditation Toolbox: Tools for a Stress-Free Life

Free Intro workshop - June

13-week Session- Tuesdays 5.30-7pm
June-August 2017

Find freedom from stress through longevity of practice. Learn to keep meditation practice vital by exploring your inner resistances and realize the simple psychological practices that help free you from internal oppression. Discover the tools to understand yourself and practical lifestyle tips to move from “stress management” to “stress transformation”!

Learn how to:

  • Create and maintain meditative discipline
  • Cultivate skills for clarity and tranquility
  • Find tools to understand the ego/personality self
  • Face the issues that lie beneath the surface
  • Release the past using gratitude and forgiveness
  • Develop a healthy relationship to future goals
  • Identify, understand, and cope with daily emotions

“This course taught me a lot about myself, about spiritual living, positive thoughts, [and a] calm and steady mind is a goal which is possible.”